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MedCost Benefit Services understands that we are in partnership with providers to offer the best possible health care choices for our members. Our responsibilities to our provider partners include making the claim submission process as easy and efficient as possible and providing timely, accurate reimbursement for services.

MedCost maintains a comprehensive site where providers can make standard inquiries online and access accurate, up-to-date information on eligibility, benefits information, and claims and payment status. Since nearly 90% of claims we receive are filed electronically, MedCost takes the time to understand how providers structure their administrative workflow and design our secure, easy-to-use online tools to meet these needs. This allows you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best—patient care—rather than tedious administrative tasks.

In an effort to shorten payment turnaround times, MedCost configures our system to correspond with a client’s benefit plan design. If there is any missing information that is needed to fully adjudicate the claim for payment, a request for the additional information is generated and sent to the provider or member. Providers can submit any required information electronically to speed the payment process. MedCost also has implemented a straightforward, time-sensitive process for appealing and re-evaluating previously denied claims.

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